ARCHITECT’S PRAYER (Straight from the Heart)

architect prayer

Architect’s Prayer (Straight from the Heart) by:  Rev. Fr. Mario Jose C. Ladra

My Father God.  Thank You for my talents and vocation to be an Architect (Planner), your co-creator of homes, buildings, cities and the world.

Out of infinite love for us, You created an unselfish world so that we may continue creating it and in this way continue creating ourselves to be perfect, fulfilled, and happy human beings you meant us to be.

We know only love gives value to our project and not its size.  So give us plenty of it.

We know that creativity and smart work are what we need to build our masterpiece of form and function to give us plenty of these.

We know we need people who share our passion to build a world that is beautiful and sustainable for rich and poor alike.  So give us loads of them.  People who will appreciate our creations and compensate us fairly.

With all these gifts, in good and bad times, we shall continue being the Architect (Planner) you have destined and honored us to be.

All these, we are ready to receive through the merits of the passion of our Lord Jesus Christ and through your humble channel, Our Blessed Mother…


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