How much would our house cost?  The bottom line question, clients ask architects during their first sets of meetings.  The architect would usually explain their floor plan and perspective.  The owner would usually react and collaborate with the schemes but at the back of their head, that question is ready to pop out.  This is where the term construction cost per square meter comes in.  This term that has been the basic basis of construction cost.

For architects, construction cost per square meter will be relayed to the owner as a reference for the client.  This will inform them of how big or small their desired house will be.  The size will also determine the owners required or wished areas inside their future house.  In short, the construction cost per square meter will determine the limitations on the design of their house.

The architect should make their client aware that the question of how much would our house cost was answered by a per square meter basis and the final cost will be finalized upon the completion of the contract documents.  This would be the final construction plans and specifications.  The client must also be aware that it will always be variable.  The following items will affect it and must be taken into consideration:

  1. Topography – Is the lot hilly, on a cliff, flat, with trees, along with the creek, etc.
  2. Proximity – How far is the project to transportation and stores?  Is it accessible?
  3. Complexity –  Will there be lots of overhangs meaning lot of beams and bigger columns? Will there be large unobstructed rooms meaning bigger beams and more reinforced bars?
  4. Architectural Specification – Will you be using low, mid or high end architectural finishes and fixtures?  This will always be the deciding factor because the structural or engineering component of the house will always be always more or less standard in cost.

Our friend over Poste have made a vlog and for us to easily understand this topic.  Check video below.

Pencil Projects Inc. hopes to clarify all questions pertaining to our question; How much would our house cost?   If you still have queries, please do not hesitate to message us or comment below and we accommodate you immediately.

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