Architecture is broad and it surrounds us and this has been one of the factors why many people have been inclined to doing or learning architecture photography.   This subject has an impression that only professional photographers can do or it sounds hard and you really need to be an Architect to know it and even practice it.   Foremost, I am an architect.  Bloody have no idea where to capture a great shot.   Second, you only need a camera.  Third, know the basics and start doing it.  This has always been a wrong notion for everybody can do this hobby or endeavor and I hereby present myself for proving that you do not need to be an architect to enjoy it.

To give you a basic, here are some guidelines you can start with if you are interested in it:

1. You must know where to begin.
2. Consider the location and style of the structure.
3. Consider the purpose of the structure and everything about it.
4. You must know how to approach your structure. Macro or Micro.
5. You must consider the equipment you will use per style.
6. Consider the angle you want to approach your structure.
7. Think of lines in considering angles.
8. Decide if you will include the surroundings or not.
9. Always check your lighting and setting.
10. Consider details, even reflections on glasses.
11. It is not always the exterior. check out the interiors as well.
12. You must know how to create panoramas and editing software.
13. Mix Shots of Old and Modern Architecture.
14. Practice!

If you want to expand these guidelines on Architecture Photography, read it at Phototuts+ and Photography MAD.

I have been planning to take some units, session or even self-study reading on Architectural Photography.  Here are some benefits you may gain in doing it:

  1.  It will help you visualize in advance your finished design entirely with consideration with its surrounding.  Easily select where to create accents to the structure in reference to its surrounding.
  2. It will help you make your design more interesting.  Giving more detail to the whole structure.  Making it look good whether it is morning or night.
  3. You can give your structures justice.
  4. If the structure is not aesthetically good, you can now give life to them and present them in a more interesting way.
  5. If you are good with it, you can join the competition and win it.
  6. It will improve you architectural presentations.

This what we like in Pencil Project. We always love doing new things.  Be good in it and apply it.  Just like our experience with Tissue Package Design  Well, I have tried some of the guidelines and here are some of the shots I took. Architecture Photography! Well, more practice I guess. Have Fun!

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